I was beginning to think I’d be stuck with those bloody fish forever.  Especially as one of them seemed to have a problem with swimming the right way up.  Eventually I was offered 2p and a can of beer.  I tried to negotiate a better deal, but it fell through.  Just when I was beginning to lose hope, I received an email from a nice chap called Dennis.  He offered me a guitar for the 3 goldfish.  Hooray!  The main advantage that guitars have over fish is that you don’t have to feed it.  And you can’t kill it.  And you don’t have to worry that someone will inform the RSPCA that you are keeping it in a bucket.

Dennis explained to me that he really wanted a dog, but his landlord wouldn’t let him so he went for the next best thing.  He said he couldn’t play his guitar anymore because of some sort of finger operation, so the swap made perfect sense.  Anyway, he seemed happy with the fish, the fish seemed happy in their new tank, and I seem happy with the guitar!  Perfect!

So ladies and gentlemen, step on up and make me an offer!  As usual, cash or trade will be accepted. The guitar is a Stagg sunburst acoustic, and in great condition.

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