After some extensive research into what you can get for £50, I can conclude that you can buy:- a flute, a fishboard (not sure what that is), some computer games, a printer, some offcuts of block paving, an old ford fiesta xr2i engine, a bike, a  settee, a bed, a television, some boxes of red wine, or…… 10 SQUARE METRES OF LAND IN BULGARIA.

I chose the land.

Although I was happy to receive the £50 in the last trade, I couldn’t help feeling less enthusiastic about having money instead of an object.  I had absolutely no idea how to spend the money or what I’d end up with so I asked for some suggestions from a few Project 1p followers.  Judging by their advise, it would seem that the vast majority of the Projects’ followers have a gambling problem!  I had already considered gambling with the money.  I wasn’t ruling it out, but really the project is far to young to take such a risk.  I decided to put an advert on Gumtree offering to swap £50 for something else.

Gradually the offers started to trickle into my inbox.  I was receiving offers from people who had been following the project and were eager to get involved.  Their enthusiasm was restoring my enthusiasm.  I was beginning to respond to the offers when I received an email from a Mr Paul Holman.

Hi Luke ,
I like your project,
How about I sell 10 sq mtrs of freehold land in Bulagia near the black sea coast…

I’d never heard of anywhere called Bulagia before, but after a quick consultation with a map I decided he meant Bulgaria.  I know nothing about Bulgaria, except that the worlds first digital wrist watch was developed by a Bulgarian, but that’s hardly relevant.  Nevertheless, this offer sounded like a winner, so I decided to give Paul a call.  He told me all about the land and it sounded perfect.  He has quite a lot of it.  Paul said that I, or whoever ends up with it can do anything with land including, camp on it, build on it, grow things on it, or “use it for a memorial for a dead dog”!  He also said that he would gladly sell more of the surrounding land if I, or whoever ends up with it wanted to expand.

It was an offer I couldn’t refuse.  Paul is now £50 richer, and I am now an international land owner!  So there we have it.  There are 10 square metres of beautiful land in Bulgaria up for grabs.  It easily big enough to pitch a tent on and you could probably bury about 20 dogs on it if you wanted.  Cash or trades accepted.  Get in touch if you want more information, photos, or anything like that.  I should probably point out that it is all legitimate and I have all the paperwork to prove ownership.

And that is the end of a rather exciting episode!

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