Following a recent article about project 1p on The Daily Mail website, I noticed a few of the readers had some comments to make about the land and the project.  I thought I would take this opportunity to address some of those issues here! My overall response to these comments is that you really should all lighten up a little bit and stop worrying so much. Project 1p is supposed to be a bit of fun, so try to enjoy it.

Was this inspired by his father telling him to look after the pennies, or a similar scheme by Kyle MacDonald who went from one red paperclip to a two-storey house and wrote a book about it?
– Pete, West Midlands

Good question Pete, thanks for asking. When the idea first entered my head I more or less assumed that someone must have already done something like it. I did a quick bit of internet research and stumbled upon the red paper clip blog. Kyle did have a similar project back in 2006 inspired by a game called Bigger and Better. Its not easy being original these days eh! I didn’t want to be limited to just trading items though because I think there are other opportunities out there. And I’m certainly not aspiring to get a house out of this like Kyle, I just wanted a bit of an adventure.

A plot of land in Bulgaria – he should have kept the penny.

– John Shaw, London England,

Well John, that would defeat the object of starting the project and making this blog wouldn’t it?  Thanks for the advice though.

This wouldn’t be the Luke Seall from just giving would It?

– daves, chelmsford

Yes daves, I do have a just giving page. I was raising money for a friend of mine who had meningitis about 4 years ago. Would you like to donate? Meningitis UK are a great charity.

10 ft square metre plot of land in in that dump of Bulgaria, it’s not worth 50p never mind £50…

Commentator 1, UK

I think you are missing the point of the project Commentator 1. It not about the money. Believe me there are easier ways to make £50. It’s all about having a bit of fun and adventure. Who cares what the land is worth. One man’s rubbish is another man’s treasure and all that…

My kitchen’s bigger than that, and I own it with the papers to prove it!

– Chris, Liverpool

Would you like to trade Chris?

I think someone should point out that in Bulgaria you cannot own property or land unless you are registered as a company there! I think this poor boy has been had

Peter, Derby

You are quite right Peter. Paul, the owner of large plot of land runs a limited company, I believe its called propinvest ltd. Due to the current legal problems with Bulgarian land ownership, Paul sells long term leases of small plots of lands as sort of ‘novelty’ purchases with the right to use the land for any purposes. So although technically I can’t ‘own’ the land, I have a contract to use, it for anything I wish including burying dogs on it, and I am free to sell or transfer this contract for my next trade.  Also I am reliably informed that Bulgaria is planning on changing the law in 2014 to make it possible for anyone to own land. At which point Paul kindly offered to transfer ownership of the land to whoever owns it at that point. Paul is a lovely chap and was keen to get involved in the project. Good on him!

I hope that addresses some of the issues you all raised. Like I said, it’s supposed to be a bit of fun, so try to enjoy it. I’m not trying to get rich, or get a free house, I am  just trying to enjoy this little adventure I’m on. Thanks for reading!

Project 1p