You are probably wondering what on Earth a custom made metal object is and why I traded 10 square metres of land in Bulgaria for it.  Before you think I’ve gone completely mad allow me to explain.

You may or may not be aware that after the previous trade, Project 1p received a large amount of interest from the media and as a result a large number of people are now following the developments of the project.  Consequently, I received a large number of offers for the land in Bulgaria.  Obviously this is not a bad thing, but it made the whole process much more challenging.  Up until now the choices I’ve had to make have been fairly simple, but this time the right choice was not so obvious.  It was in fact a bloody hard decision to make.  How anyone can possible choose between such offers as a 42″ plasma TV, a cow and someone’s virginity is beyond me!  (Please note – I am sure the person who offered their virginity was joking.  I hope they were anyway.)

To give you an insight into the other kind of offers I received I’ve listed some examples for you:-

1 juke box, 1 drum kit, a bottle of champagne, a holiday in Tunisia, 2 cars, £150, 70 lottery tickets, some artwork, a facebook app, a percentage of future earnings from an unpublished author, 3 fruit machines, some fishing equipment, 2 terrapin turtles, and some pigs.

Some of these offers were extremely generous and you probably think I am crazy for not accepting the pigs.  However, there were problems and complications with most of them and to be honest, none of them really felt like the right choice.  I was beginning to despair, and some of the facebook followers were becoming impatient.  I then noticed an enthusiastic email that I had overlooked from a chap called Darren –

…I run a limited company ( where we weld and fabricate almost anything out of steel, i have been in this trade for 28 years.  It was my birthday yesterday, So I thought what a way to mark my 44th birthday to trade something with your good self

I wasn’t sure where he was going with this offer so I hastily read to the end.  It turns out that Darren was offering his services and materials for the land.  He said he could do almost anything with metal from making an ornamental garden feature, to repairing a car, or making a candlestick.  In his words

the list is endless to be honest you just need vision

I couldn’t agree more.  This was starting to feel like the right choice.  Somewhat obscure, but right nevertheless.  I had a great chat on the phone with Darren and he told me all about the various objects he makes out of metal.  He can even create objects from rough designs or sketches.  We discussed the fine details of his offer and agreed on the following.

8 Hours skilled labour and £100 of materials (Mild Steel, Stainless Steel, or aluminium – all at cost price) to fabricate and weld any object to specification, sketch or design.

We agreed that the labour and materials would be adjustable depending on what he is required to make as long as his overall expense works out to be the same.

So there we have it.  Have you ever wanted you very own custom made metal object?  Perhaps a garden gate, or a rather extravagant tin opener?  Make me an offer (cash or trade) and you can have whatever you like!  Like Darren said, it could be almost anything, you just need vision.

P.S  Following a few of comments I should clarify that I’m not getting anything made but whoever trades with me next can have whatever they want made!  Hope that all makes sense.

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