The title of this trade very nearly read “The Cake”.  I had the telephone in my hand and was about to dial the number to accept the offer of the cake when the email about the French Yurt holiday arrived.

It was no ordinary cake mind you.  The offer arrived from “Russ BigMilf Milford” via facebook.

Hi Luke, My wife makes amazing cakes (see ) now! we are local people that want to make a genuine offer, the offer for the next trade is a Wedding cake to the value of £800

I love cakes.  A lot.  So this immediately took my fancy, even more than the offer of 50 bottles of prize winning homemade wine.  However, if there is one thing I love as much as a good cake, it’s a yurt.

The French yurt holiday offer went like this

Her Outdoors would like to offer one week in a yurt in écovallée (excluding July August) this year or next in exchange for the metal thing. The metal thing to be: A snail-shell shaped frame for a solar shower, with holes every Xcm to attach wooden uprights for privacy. Unless it’s a crime, a 1p should be welded onto the inside of the frame somewhere. And to add a bit of connectivity, the winner of the yurt camp week should collect and deliver the metal thing (OPTIONAL).

I agonized over the choice between cake and yurt for several hours, before realizing that in accordance to the Project 1p rules, I wouldn’t actually get to keep (or eat) either of them.  Eventually I decided to compromise by accepting the yurt holiday and buying a cake that I could eat from the local corner shop.

And that was that.  Darren the fabricator will be making a “snail-shaped frame” with a 1p coin welded to it, I will be eating “not so posh” cake, and you will be making me offers for a one week yurt holiday in France!  But be quick because their bookings are filling up fast.  So who wants it?  (Offers of cash, cake, and anything else will be considered)

More info on the holiday here

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