I just found out that the Charity “Kids Inspire” (http://www.kidsinspire.org.uk/) is running their own 1p project called 1p in hope.  It’s not the same as project 1p but they are teaching children about how even one penny can make a difference to somebodies life, and they are encouraging the kids and other people to donate their pennies. Obviously I am a big fan of people appreciating the value of a penny!

The charity looks pretty good to me.  They do all kinds of great stuff to support vulnerable children.

If anyone fancies donating a few Great British Pounds, text KIDS to 70003.  By doing so you will be donating £3 which will be added to your phone bill.

You can also check them out on facebook here – http://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/kidsinspire.org.uk