That’s right, I traded the yurt holiday for a portrait made of 1p coins.  2,500 coins to be precise.  You probably think that this is quite a good trade.  But wait….  It gets better…

The man in that picture is Andy Hornby.  For those of you who don’t know, Andy Hornby was the chief executive of HBOS during the 2008 banking crisis.  They made a loss of £10.8 Billion in that year.  He took a portion of blame and was asked to resign from his position.

So, project 1p has traded up from one penny, to a portrait made with thousands of pennies, of a man who lost trillions of pennies.  Oh the irony!

This is how it happened.

I was excited about the yurt holiday.  Very excited in fact.  However, the offers were few and far between.  I was facing a choice between someone’s web design services, an ex husband, or a romantic walk in the park followed by tea and cake.  Not bad offers, but not the right offers.

Then I remembered a proverb that I was never told when I was growing up.

“If the mountain will not come to Muhammad, then Muhammad must go to the mountain”

I realised I would have to go and look for my next trade.  I have been keen to trade some art at some point during the project, so I innocently typed “penny artist” into a search engine.  After looking at the creative workings of 27 different artists named Penny, I stumbled upon the website of a man called Adrian Firth ( Adrian made a whole series of portraits using 1p coins.

I was astonished!  They are all brilliant.  I emailed Adrian and told him that.  Then I told him I wanted to swap my yurt holiday for one of his pictures.  Fortunately, he was in need of a holiday.  Even more fortunately, he had sold all but one of his penny portraits.  With very little hesitation, the deal was done.

Adrian, his wife and their baby boy are going on a 1 week yurt holiday in France this September, and I am looking across the room at Andy Hornby’s face.

So ladies and gentlemen, it’s that time again.  Make me an offer for the 1p portrait.  As usual, any offers will be carefully considered, so don’t be shy!  However I should point out that any offers made by Andy Hornby himself will be given priority.  Go on Andy, make me an offer!

More info on the picture here

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