You can choose from 500 new designer dresses.

Yesterday, the biggest wedding that the country has seen in 30 years took place at Westminster Abbey.  But more importantly I traded the 1p portrait of Andy Hornby for a wedding dress.  This is how and why it happened.

If you’ve been following the progress of project 1p, you will probably be vaguely aware that I was keen to trade the portrait with Andy Hornby himself.  In fact, over the last month, some might say I have become slightly obsessed with Andy Hornby.  My girlfriend certainly would.  I even had a dream several weeks ago that I was working as his assistant.

As soon as I traded the holiday for the Andy Hornby Portrait, I sent Andy a rather lovely email asking for his thoughts on the project, the portrait and the prospect of a trade.  No reply.  I then sent him another rather lovely email asking for a response to the first email.  No reply.  Another two emails later still no response.  I was beginning to give up on Mr Hornby.

Meanwhile, I received a nice selection of offers from other people who don’t know how to run banks.  I was offered a brand new 27″ iMac with accessories to be delivered in a Porche 911, another website, 15 minutes on stage at the Sussex University summer ball, and a Safari Experience at The Aspinall Foundation.  The Aspinall Foundation are a great charity who rescue and breed endangered species.  They have a miniature safari style game reserve at their park in Kent where you stay in a lodge and have dinner with antelope running about etc…

I liked the sound of safari, but I could not stop thinking about Andy Hornby.  Probably because his smug face was the first thing I saw when I woke up each morning.  (The portrait stood next to my bed, purely due to lack of sensible storage options in my house, not because I’m obsessed with him.)  It felt like he was mocking me.  Then I had an idea.  It occured to me that there must be more than one Andy Hornby in the world, and if THE Andy Hornby would not talk to me, maybe a different one would.  I composed a quick email, and sent it to as many Andy Hornby’s as I could before Facebook banned me for spamming.

The first reply came back.  I can’t tell you how good it felt to have an email in my inbox from an Andy Hornby.  A tear came to my eye.  Andy liked the project.  He told my that he ran a wedding shop ( his wife Ali.  After a bit of chit chat Andy offered to trade any wedding dress from their stock of about 500 for the portrait of his namesake.

On the 29th April 2011, I watched Prince William lead his new wife out to their carriage, and I picked up the phone and accepted the offer.

Now, to business.  I’m quite sure that everyone who reads this will be either getting married themselves at some point in the near future, or know someone else who is getting married.  Therefore, I would like to suggest that instead of buying a wedding dress, you/they/whoever barter for one with me!  Any offers will be considered, so spread the word, tell all your friends and make me an offer.

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