I spent much of the last month reading bridal fashion magazines, emailing wedding fair planners, posting on forums with names like You & Your Wedding and generally scouring the country for budding brides who might want to barter for a wedding dress.  This has given me an insight into what it is like to be a bride and I can tell you now, I never want to be one.  I am sure I could be forgiven for wanting to run from the hullabaloo of the wedding world with my next trade, never to return.  However, in a cruel twist of fate, Project 1p has presented me with another wedding related item to trade. 

The Photographer is  called Rebecca.  Rebecca sent me an email offering me a long list of items including some of her signed prints, a photo shoot at her studio and all sorts of other things.  An hour later she sent me another email with a revised and even longer list of offers.  Such was the eagerness of her emailing that my inbox decided that it must be spam and threw it into the junk mail folder.  By chance I noticed them hiding amongst the dodgy pharmaceutical emails that inhabit my junk mail.  I emailed Rebecca and thanked her for the spam and she promised not to send me any more.

And that was that.  I filed the offer under “maybe” and continued the search.  A few other offers dribbled in, my favorite being a lifetime supply of dog leads, but I think it’s fair to say I over estimated the volume of brides who would want to barter for their wedding dress.  I was confused.  As you know, I grew up being told to look after my pennies.  For me, the prospect of bartering and spending less money on the most expensive/important day of your life sounds like a great idea.  On reflection, I think spending all the money is probably half the fun of a wedding.  Or in some cases three quarters.

Half way through the month of May I devised a cunning plan.  Wedding Fairs.  I managed to barter my way to a free stand at a fair in Surrey.  What better place to find a bride than at a wedding fair?  I spent an evening preparing the signage for my stand.  Just as I finished the last sign, I had an email declaring that “Due to unforeseen circumstances the wedding fair scheduled for 22nd May has been cancelled.”  It was like being jilted at the alter.

As the month drew to an end, I reviewed all the offers and tried make a decision.  I re-read all of Rebecca’s emails.  The fact she was so eager made me want to trade with her.  Especially as the dress was to be a present for her friend.  It felt right, but the offer felt wrong.  It would have been nearly impossible to find someone to trade with who wanted everything she was offering, even though each item was individually a good one.  I then realized that as well as fashion photography, she also does wedding photography.  I think we’ve established now that I know very little about weddings, but I’ve seen enough wedding photo albums to reach the conclusion that most wedding photos look the same.  However, this is not this case with Rebecca’s photography.  There is something different about it.  It’s unusual and imaginative and original.  Its brilliant!  I don’t know how else to explain it.

I emailed Rebecca and asked her if she would offer her wedding photography services.  Now, at this point, I hadn’t intended to go for the final handshake and seal the deal.  I was planning to wait for a response, ponder on it some more and then think about making the trade.  However, it would appear that the wording of my email was rather ambiguous and the response from Rebecca was “Lets do it!  I’m so happy thank you!”  I could hardly say no now could I?

So, Rebecca’s relentless spam and bullying forced me to trade the wedding dress for a wedding photographer.  As a result Rebecca’s friend gets a wedding dress, I have to endure another round of wedding fever, and now we all know conclusively that Spam does actually work.

I am genuinely happy with the trade and I would have said yes anyway!  Rebecca’s photography skills are outstanding and should be easy to trade on.  Full details of the wedding photography package can be seen by following the link below.  Offers to trade welcome, and required.