As you may be aware, I’ve been having trouble deciding what to trade the Wedding Photography Package for.  I have had some offers, but none of them feel right.  If I’m ever going to get an island and become King of my own country I need to take action.  So, Plan B.  I have decided to auction it off to highest bidder!  Whoever, makes the highest cash offer by 6pm next Friday (16th July) gets the package.

You don’t often hear me talking about the monetary value of items I trade, but the photography package would normally cost £3,400.  I will however accept whatever I’m offered, so there is potential for a marvelous bargain!  Of course, it’s also possible that I don’t get offered anything, in which case I’ll have to think up a plan C.

If you would like to make an offer please email the amount in Great British Pounds Sterling to   I will keep you all up to date on the Project 1p Facebook page and Twitter.  Please also include the date of your wedding in the email!

The clock is ticking….

More info on the Wedding Photography Package