I bet you didn’t expect to reading a project 1p blog post with that title in July.  I certainly didn’t expect to be writing it.  There have been some complications.  Rebecca has decided to retract her offer (Wedding photography package).  It would seem that she is annoyed that I was unable to trade it for something of greater value.  Not through lack of trying I assure you!  As I have explained to many before, I can only trade what I get offered.

So where does this leave Project 1p?  With the Wedding Dress voucher, that I originally had two and a half months ago.  Uh oh!

Project 1p is supposed to be entertaining, exciting and interesting.  Not just for me but for the people who take part and for the people who follow it.  Taking a giant step back to where I was two and a half months ago just doesn’t feel right.  It doesn’t feel exciting, entertaining or interesting.  I can’t really see any alternative than to end the project here, and accept that I will never be King of my own country.

However, you might notice that I put a “?” in the title of this post.  The project has thrown up many surprises in the last 6 months, so I thought I’d use that question mark to cover myself against any unexpected intervention that somehow keeps the project alive.  You never know!
At this point I’d like to say a MASSIVE thank you to everyone who has been following my progress, and to everyone who has made an offer and to the people who traded with me – Harry, Dennis, Dave and his mum, Dale, Paul, Darren, Alex and Claire, Adrian Firth and Andy Hornby.

It’s been fun!

I hope you’ve enjoyed yourselves too