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As you may be aware, I’ve been having trouble deciding what to trade the Wedding Photography Package for.  I have had some offers, but none of them feel right.  If I’m ever going to get an island and become King of my own country I need to take action.  So, Plan B.  I have decided to auction it off to highest bidder!  Whoever, makes the highest cash offer by 6pm next Friday (16th July) gets the package.

You don’t often hear me talking about the monetary value of items I trade, but the photography package would normally cost £3,400.  I will however accept whatever I’m offered, so there is potential for a marvelous bargain!  Of course, it’s also possible that I don’t get offered anything, in which case I’ll have to think up a plan C.

If you would like to make an offer please email the amount in Great British Pounds Sterling to   I will keep you all up to date on the Project 1p Facebook page and Twitter.  Please also include the date of your wedding in the email!

The clock is ticking….

More info on the Wedding Photography Package


As many of you reading this will no doubt be aware,  I have a voucher for a free, brand new designer wedding dress that I need to trade on.  I have had some good offers already, but I demand more!!  Offers are after all what keep Project 1p operational.

Here is more info on the what you get if you trade –

The voucher is provided by,  They stock about 500 new designer dresses at a time, and you can chose from any of them.  Their collection includes well known designer names within the bridal industry including Amanda Wyatt, Mori lee, Romance, Romantica of Devon, Ronald Joyce, Venus bridal, Impessions, Veromia, Dzage, Bellice and many many more.  There shop is up north somewhere.  Any and all offers are carefully considered.  If you have any other questions let me know.

Here are a few samples to wet your appetite



I experienced the delights of The Black Country yesterday!  I threw Andy Hornby (the portrait) in the back of my van and headed off to meet Andy Hornby (the human) at Tamworth Service Station on the M42.  And here they are getting acquainted!

I thought I would share with you, the handy work of Clare and Alex from ecovallee.  They sent me this marvelous canvas voucher for the holiday.  It’s a little late as I already traded the holiday, but its splendor makes up for its tardiness!  I’m assuming one of their yurts has a voucher sized hole in it now.

Project 1p was officially 3 months old at 12:01 am this morning.  Hooray!  Its been a busy 3 months as well.  In case you spent January, February and March hibernating in a box of straw, this is what has happened:-

I swapped a 1p coin for 3 goldfish and a pot of fish food, which I swapped for a guitar, which I swapped for a bike, which I swapped for £50, which I swapped for 10 square metres of land in Bulgaria, which I swapped for a custom made metal object, which I swapped for a 1 week french yurt holiday, which I swapped for a portrait of Andy Hornby made from 2,700 1p coins.

Thank you to everyone who has helped and taken part so far!

I’m now taking offers for the portrait.  it doesn’t look like Andy wants it so who does?  Spread the word and make me some offers!

The portrait is about 4ft tall and 3ft wide and in a rather nice white frame. It is made with about 2,500 one penny coins (To be honest I haven’t actually counted them yet!). The portrait of Andy Hornby was part of a series of penny portraits made in 2008 following the banking crisis. They were on sale at the Rebecca Hossack Gallery in London.

For more information on Adrian’s work, visit his website (

To demonstrate to you how Adrian makes his 1p portraits, I’ve taken the liberty of stealing this video from his website.

Prince Laurent from Adrian firth on Vimeo.

Make me an offer!

I just found out that the Charity “Kids Inspire” ( is running their own 1p project called 1p in hope.  It’s not the same as project 1p but they are teaching children about how even one penny can make a difference to somebodies life, and they are encouraging the kids and other people to donate their pennies. Obviously I am a big fan of people appreciating the value of a penny!

The charity looks pretty good to me.  They do all kinds of great stuff to support vulnerable children.

If anyone fancies donating a few Great British Pounds, text KIDS to 70003.  By doing so you will be donating £3 which will be added to your phone bill.

You can also check them out on facebook here –!/

Inside the yurt

Here are the details regarding the holiday you are no doubt going to make me an offer for.

The Deal

1 weeks accommodation for up to 2 adults and 2 children in a yurt at Ecovallee, (excluding July and August) valid until the end of next year.  Additional accommodation available for 15 Euros per night per person.  A light supper of fresh baguettes, cheeses, Ecovallee’s own pâté (for meat eaters) and home-made tart will be yours on arrival, washed down with a glass or few of good local wine.  Delivery of the custom made metal object is optional.

The Ecovallee

The Ecovallee Yurt camp ( is run by Alex, his wife Clare, and their children.


It is located in the Dordogne, 300 metres from the medieval market town of Lalinde.  You can get their cheaply and easily by, budget aeroplane (easyjet, Ryanair, flybe), train, ferry, car, donkey, bike, or on foot.  The nearest airport is Bergerac.

Ecovallee is set in 12 acres of woodland and meadows.  The facilities include an 18-foot yurt sleeping up to four, a childrens play room/yurt, an outdoor kitchen/dining area with gas BBQ, a compost toilet, a solar shower and use of the bathroom with flushing toilet and washer/dryer.  It also has free range chickens, foraging pigs, a horse, some rabbits, lots of home grown organic fruit and veg, and some hammocks.

The Yurts

The yurts are furnished with one double and two single beds, comfortable mattresses, pillows, duvets, and linen and towels that are washed in planet-friendly liquid.

The Region

Lalinde, the local medieval market town has two butchers, three bakers, four cafés, three supermarkets, restaurants, take-away pizza places, wine shop, banks, pharmacies, playground, tourist information office, and of course 2 exceptional markets each week.  The surrounding area has over 1,500 chateaux, some of the most beautiful villages in France, more markets, museums, canoe rivers, horse riding trails, mountain biking and all sorts of other things.

Have a look at their website –

If you have any more questions, give me a shout.  But be quick because ecovallee is booking up quick!

Make me an offer and have yourself a lovely summer holiday!

I thought you might need a bit of inspiration on what you could have made if you make me an offer for the custom made metal object.   So I thought about what I would want made if I was you.

I had the following ideas –

A giant 1p coin, a robot, a chair, a sword, a garden gate, some metal pants, a bird bath, some shelves, some abstract art, my name in big 3d letters, a big metal box, a sculpture, a big floor standing lamp, a solar oven, a giant wok, a tricycle, a table, a chandelier, a fireman’s pole, a set of massive plant pots, a trailer, a steel drum…

But, what I really want is…

a space ship!

What would you choose?

I just received 130 emails including a lot of great offers. Unfortunately I am on my way to Stockholm for a badly timed holiday! I will be back on Saturday and will try my very best to make a decision by Monday morning, so if you have made an offer, or are about to, please be patient if I take a while to get back to you!

Thank you Thank you Thank you!

Right, it’s time to get things moving.  There have been delays due to a few Royal Mail issues.  Bless them!  They try so hard!  Here is some more information for you if you are considering making Project 1p an offer and becoming the future owner of the land.

The land is in a village called Mail Izvor. (See pictures below)  According to Google, it is approximately a 1 hour and 26 min drive to the Black Sea.

The land is registered, which means that it can be built on without planning permission.  As I already mentioned in the blog, it can be used for any legal purpose.  The 10 sq m plot is part of a much larger plot owned by Paul Holman of Propinvest Ltd.  Your plot can be expanded at any point.  I think there are a few thousand sq meters in total.

Due to obscure Bulgarian laws on land ownership (which are due to change in 2014), foreigners can only own land in Bulgaria if they are a limited company.  Unfortunately, Project 1p is not a limited company.  To get round this legal technicality, the 10 sq m of land is held in a trust by Propinvest Ltd who have granted me, Luke Seall the right to use the land for any legal purposes, forever.  This is basically the same as owning the land but in a roundabout way using a few legal loopholes.  Anyway, the ownership, or ‘right to use’ of the land will be transferred to the new owner following a trade with Project 1p. Woohoo!

Paul is a great guy, and would be happy to help answer any other questions about the land.  Let me know if you want any more information and make me an offer!  As usual, cash of trade acceptable.

Following a recent article about project 1p on The Daily Mail website, I noticed a few of the readers had some comments to make about the land and the project.  I thought I would take this opportunity to address some of those issues here! My overall response to these comments is that you really should all lighten up a little bit and stop worrying so much. Project 1p is supposed to be a bit of fun, so try to enjoy it.

Was this inspired by his father telling him to look after the pennies, or a similar scheme by Kyle MacDonald who went from one red paperclip to a two-storey house and wrote a book about it?
– Pete, West Midlands

Good question Pete, thanks for asking. When the idea first entered my head I more or less assumed that someone must have already done something like it. I did a quick bit of internet research and stumbled upon the red paper clip blog. Kyle did have a similar project back in 2006 inspired by a game called Bigger and Better. Its not easy being original these days eh! I didn’t want to be limited to just trading items though because I think there are other opportunities out there. And I’m certainly not aspiring to get a house out of this like Kyle, I just wanted a bit of an adventure.

A plot of land in Bulgaria – he should have kept the penny.

– John Shaw, London England,

Well John, that would defeat the object of starting the project and making this blog wouldn’t it?  Thanks for the advice though.

This wouldn’t be the Luke Seall from just giving would It?

– daves, chelmsford

Yes daves, I do have a just giving page. I was raising money for a friend of mine who had meningitis about 4 years ago. Would you like to donate? Meningitis UK are a great charity.

10 ft square metre plot of land in in that dump of Bulgaria, it’s not worth 50p never mind £50…

Commentator 1, UK

I think you are missing the point of the project Commentator 1. It not about the money. Believe me there are easier ways to make £50. It’s all about having a bit of fun and adventure. Who cares what the land is worth. One man’s rubbish is another man’s treasure and all that…

My kitchen’s bigger than that, and I own it with the papers to prove it!

– Chris, Liverpool

Would you like to trade Chris?

I think someone should point out that in Bulgaria you cannot own property or land unless you are registered as a company there! I think this poor boy has been had

Peter, Derby

You are quite right Peter. Paul, the owner of large plot of land runs a limited company, I believe its called propinvest ltd. Due to the current legal problems with Bulgarian land ownership, Paul sells long term leases of small plots of lands as sort of ‘novelty’ purchases with the right to use the land for any purposes. So although technically I can’t ‘own’ the land, I have a contract to use, it for anything I wish including burying dogs on it, and I am free to sell or transfer this contract for my next trade.  Also I am reliably informed that Bulgaria is planning on changing the law in 2014 to make it possible for anyone to own land. At which point Paul kindly offered to transfer ownership of the land to whoever owns it at that point. Paul is a lovely chap and was keen to get involved in the project. Good on him!

I hope that addresses some of the issues you all raised. Like I said, it’s supposed to be a bit of fun, so try to enjoy it. I’m not trying to get rich, or get a free house, I am  just trying to enjoy this little adventure I’m on. Thanks for reading!

Project 1p

Project 1p has just discovered that the bike that was sold to Dale a few weeks ago has been STOLEN!!!  This is terrible news.  Dale is not happy and Project 1p is not happy.  Please keep your eye peeled if you live in or around Brighton.  This picture isn’t ideal but its all I have.  I remember the bike having a scuff down one side of the frame.  It would be nice if we can get Dale his bike back.  You can’t got around stealing from Project 1p participants like that.  Its just not Cricket.


More Photos

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