Issued: 27/3/2011

For Immediate Release

Trading from 1 penny, to a portrait made with thousands of pennies, of a man who lost trillions of pennies.

Luke Seall (Project 1p) has traded up from 1p to a portrait of ex HBOS Chief Executive Andy Hornby, which is made with 2,500 one penny coins.  The portrait was created by artist Adrian Firth, who swapped the portrait with Luke for a 1 week yurt holiday in France.  Luke is now one quarter of the way through his year long project, in which he set out to turn a 1p coin into something better.

Project 1p began in January when Luke traded his 1p coin for some goldfish, which he then traded for a guitar, which he traded for a bike, which he sold for £50, which he used to buy 10 square metres of land in Bulgaria.  He eventually swapped the land with a metal fabricator who offered to make any metal object.  Luke then traded the metal object for a 1 week yurt holiday in France, which he traded for the portrait.

“This is a great trade,” says Luke.  “Trading up from 1 penny to a picture made of thousands of pennies would be good enough, but the fact the picture is of Andy Hornby is even better.  I love the irony!”

Luke was always told when he was younger to “look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves”.  “This proverb was part of the inspiration for Project 1p” says Luke.  “I like the idea that something seemingly worthless actually has the potential to become valuable”

“I’m already looking for my next trade.  In fact, I’m hoping Andy Hornby is going to make me an offer.”  Anyone wishing to make an offer should contact Luke through the project 1p blog (, the project 1p facebook page, or via twitter.

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