the fishDay 3 of the project and the first transaction has been made!  Hooray!  A friend of mine mentioned yesterday that he was going to donate his three goldfish to the local pub fish tank.  I jumped in and offered him my 1p for a fish.  He was somewhat reluctant to start with, but after a lot of negotiating he agreed to sell me all three of his fish and a pot of fish food for 1p!  Result.

While I was carrying them home in my bucket, I realised that it might not have been a great idea.  Things that are alive have enourmous potential to die.  That would of course be tragic for the fish, but would also bankcrupt the project at the very start.  I’m going to have to try very hard to look after these little guys until I can make the next transaction.

So roll up roll up.  3 goldfish and a pot of fish food available.  Make me and offer (cash or trade).  They need a good home.  Preferably a fish tank.

What happens next? >>>