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Inside the yurt

Here are the details regarding the holiday you are no doubt going to make me an offer for.

The Deal

1 weeks accommodation for up to 2 adults and 2 children in a yurt at Ecovallee, (excluding July and August) valid until the end of next year.  Additional accommodation available for 15 Euros per night per person.  A light supper of fresh baguettes, cheeses, Ecovallee’s own pâté (for meat eaters) and home-made tart will be yours on arrival, washed down with a glass or few of good local wine.  Delivery of the custom made metal object is optional.

The Ecovallee

The Ecovallee Yurt camp ( is run by Alex, his wife Clare, and their children.


It is located in the Dordogne, 300 metres from the medieval market town of Lalinde.  You can get their cheaply and easily by, budget aeroplane (easyjet, Ryanair, flybe), train, ferry, car, donkey, bike, or on foot.  The nearest airport is Bergerac.

Ecovallee is set in 12 acres of woodland and meadows.  The facilities include an 18-foot yurt sleeping up to four, a childrens play room/yurt, an outdoor kitchen/dining area with gas BBQ, a compost toilet, a solar shower and use of the bathroom with flushing toilet and washer/dryer.  It also has free range chickens, foraging pigs, a horse, some rabbits, lots of home grown organic fruit and veg, and some hammocks.

The Yurts

The yurts are furnished with one double and two single beds, comfortable mattresses, pillows, duvets, and linen and towels that are washed in planet-friendly liquid.

The Region

Lalinde, the local medieval market town has two butchers, three bakers, four cafés, three supermarkets, restaurants, take-away pizza places, wine shop, banks, pharmacies, playground, tourist information office, and of course 2 exceptional markets each week.  The surrounding area has over 1,500 chateaux, some of the most beautiful villages in France, more markets, museums, canoe rivers, horse riding trails, mountain biking and all sorts of other things.

Have a look at their website –

If you have any more questions, give me a shout.  But be quick because ecovallee is booking up quick!

Make me an offer and have yourself a lovely summer holiday!


It turns out guitars are in demand!  The first bid came from a Mr Phillips who offered an old 20″ TV.  I’m not a fan of TV and I’m pretty sure the guitar is worth more, so I said no.  He then offered me a Sega Mega Drive, but I was always a Nintendo boy so I said no again.

The next day I was offered a mountain bike by a chap called Dave.  This was definitely an offer that tickled my taste buds.  I happened to mention the offer on Facebook, and a few hours later I was already receiving offers for a bike I didn’t even own yet!  It was now 3 am in the morning, and I’d drank quite a lot of cider, but I was pretty sure this was a sign that the bike was a good idea.  So I took the bull by the horns and emailed Dave to accept the offer.

On Monday night, Dave, the bike and his mum turned up on my doorstep for the trade.  Dave wasn’t that young, but I was expecting someone older for some reason.  He was pleased with the guitar, and the bike looked like it was a good one, although I know absolutely nothing about bikes (which is actually quite embarrassing because I used to run an online bike shop, but that’s another story).  I was expecting an old rust bucket with a garish 80’s paint job, but the bike was nothing like this!  Dave informed me it was a dirt jump bike.  I was going to take it for a test ride, but I was wearing my slippers which I didn’t think was appropriate attire for a dirt jumps.

Neither Dave or his mum knew that they had become part of project 1p.  His mum told me that she thought it was great that people still swapped things, “like the old days”.  It’s nice to know that despite the ulterior motives of the project, I am in a small way inspiring people to trade the old fashion way.   We had a short chat about landfills, tricycles, gardening, and double basses then they left.

So there we have it.  Its a pretty cool bike, in good condition, and as always I will accept offers of cash or trade, so make me an offer!  Get in touch for more info on the bike if you like.

What happens next? >>>

the fishDay 3 of the project and the first transaction has been made!  Hooray!  A friend of mine mentioned yesterday that he was going to donate his three goldfish to the local pub fish tank.  I jumped in and offered him my 1p for a fish.  He was somewhat reluctant to start with, but after a lot of negotiating he agreed to sell me all three of his fish and a pot of fish food for 1p!  Result.

While I was carrying them home in my bucket, I realised that it might not have been a great idea.  Things that are alive have enourmous potential to die.  That would of course be tragic for the fish, but would also bankcrupt the project at the very start.  I’m going to have to try very hard to look after these little guys until I can make the next transaction.

So roll up roll up.  3 goldfish and a pot of fish food available.  Make me and offer (cash or trade).  They need a good home.  Preferably a fish tank.

What happens next? >>>

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